Photo provided by Safe Routes to School National Partnership / Carrie Turner Photography

Chattanooga is a bike friendly city. We were one of the first cities in the country to install a bicycle share program. The program began so early that engineers for the New York Citibike share program visited Chattanooga for research. The crown jewel of our city's efforts are the bicycle implementation plan. With this, the city has fully funded and is midway through a five year plan to build 39 greenways, 23 protected bike lanes and 151 bike lanes. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't translated into the increase in commuter cyclists. In 2014, the League of American Bicyclists reported about 0.4% of Chattanooga's commuters as bicycle commuters, about 346 people. Chattanooga's downtown is growing rapidly and our transportation choices will need to change in response to this. So that's why we have created, I bike CHA!

I bike CHA is a collaboration of government entitites, and local business to promote commuter biking through incredible discounts and training. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, visit Electric Bike Specialists, Cycle Sports Concepts, and Suck Creek Cycle and ask about I bike CHA. After your purchase, make sure you pledge to commute! This will allow you to take advantage of more offers and discounts from local restaurants and shops while you ride around on your new commuting set-up!

By implementing the I bike CHA initiative, we hope to see a 25% increase in bicycle commuters in a couple of months. More importantly, by having participants of the program commute for 60 days, we should see a visible increase in the infrastructure usage. We'll be working with the city to train customers in bicycle safety and how to correctly use the infrastructure. By working to cooperate with the city, local bike shops, retailers and restaurants, non-profits and bike clubs, this could help facilitate the shift in commuting culture that our city needs. 


  • Discounted e-bikes
  • Great offers on cycling accessories
  • Gift certificate upon completion of the Outdoor Cycling Class
  • Discounts from local bars and restaurants
  • Contests for most riding miles, including a bicycle give away, and Bike Chattanooga passes.
  • Save money on gas, parking, and parking tickets!
  • Get fit for the summer!
  • Enjoy living in Chattanooga by cycling around the city
  • Learn more about cycling and road safety